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Requesting Beta Access

To sign up for our beta program, you just need to register and confirm your email address.

Table of contents

  1. Register your email address
  2. Wait for a beta invitation

Register your email address

Navigate to and click the ‘Request Access’ button on the bottom right of the page.

Request Beta Button

Then provide your email address in the dialog:

Request Beta Dialog

After you hit ‘Submit’, we will email you a confirmation code. You have to enter the code in the form and click on submit again.

Request Beta Dialog

Wait for a beta invitation

When we are ready to invite you, you will receive another email with further instructions.

The email will contain a link that you can use to register your account. You can also share the link with your teammates. Using that link, they will be able to proceed immediately with setting up their account and become beta members automatically.

Most of the time, you will receive the beta invite within a few seconds of confirming your email address. However, in some cases, it may take longer to process your request, in which case we appreciate your patience.