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Adjudicator Room

Table of contents

  1. Basic Functionality
  2. Team Information
  3. Joining a Team Room
  4. Returning to the Adjudicator Room

Basic Functionality

During the preparation stage, Adjudicators stay in the Adjudicator Room. This room has a similar layout as the Team Room.

Team Room

On this page, Adjudicators can see information about the teams, and they can perform the following actions:

  1. Pause/Start the Preparation Timer
  2. Join a Team Room
  3. Start the Debate stage

Team Information

The Adjudicator room displays the following information about each team:

  1. Team (First Government, First Opposition, etc)
  2. Members who joined (username and their role)
  3. Whether the team needs help (an asterisk after the team name)
  4. Whether the team is ready for debate (team name displayed in green color)

Team Room

The diagram above shows the four teams with all members and roles. Also, the First Government team indicated they needed help (an asterisk is displayed) and are ready for the debate (team name is green).

Joining a Team Room

Any Adjudicator can decide to join a team room. To do that, hover over the team’s information panel, and click on the join button that appears:

Team Room

Only one Adjudicator can join a team’s Preparation Room at a time. When joined, the Adjudicator will still see the team information panel the same way they see it in the Adjudicator room. Using this panel, the Adjudicator can join another team if needed.

Team Room

Returning to the Adjudicator Room

The Adjudicator can return to the Adjudicator room at any time by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

Team Room