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Team Rooms

Table of contents

  1. Basic Functionality
  2. Preparation Time
  3. Asking for Help
  4. Indicating Team Readiness

Basic Functionality

When the preparation stage begins, team members automatically join their team’s preparation room:

  1. First Government
  2. Second Government
  3. First Opposition
  4. Second Opposition
  5. Adjudicators

Initially, judges gather in the Adjudicator room. However, an Adjudicator can join any preparation room also to assist team members in case they need help or want to ask a question. The picture below shows the preparation room for First Government. A similar room is available for every other team too.

Team Room

Preparation Time

The teams have 15 minutes to prepare for the debate. The time is measured by the preparation timer under their badge.

Team Room

Asking for Help

Teams can indicate that they need help by clicking the question mark icon at the bottom of the screen. This will notify the judges, who will see which team is asking for help. In response, an Adjudicator may join the team’s preparation room to assist. Any member of the team can turn the indicator on or off.

Team Room

This help icon works as a switch - it can be on and off. When pressed the first time, it turns gray and remains in the ‘on’ state until pressed again (the “off” state is indicated by white background). The state of the button is visible to Adjudicators. As long as the help button is toggled, Adjudicators will see that the team needs help.

Indicating Team Readiness

Similarly to the help button, there is a way for teams to indicate they are ready for the debate and they need no more preparation time. This way, Adjudicators can see when all teams are prepared and can start the debate before the preparation timer expires (15 minutes).

Team Room

This is a toggle button; the team can turn it off if they change their mind. Similarly to the question mark icon, any of the team members alter the state.