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The User Interface

There are some common user interface elements that you can encounter on different pages. Below you can see a general overview of these elements and their functionality.

Table of contents

  1. The Badge
    1. Audio/Video Controls
  2. The Meeting Identifier
  3. Size Selector
  4. Navigation Buttons

The Badge

Each member of the Debate is represented by a Badge. The Badge shows basic information about the member (username and role) and displays their video stream.

Members’ usernames and roles are displayed at their badge’s top after they join. If the member enabled their video, it shows up in the center of the badge.

Audio/Video Controls

You have controls to pause/start the video and mute the audio in the badge. When you mute audio or pause/start the video in a participant’s badge other than yours, it only affects your experience locally. It does not change what others can hear or see. However, when you mute audio or pause/start video in your own badge, it applies to all participants (if you pause your video, no one can see you until you start it again).

The Meeting Identifier

The Meeting Identifier is a combination of letters and numbers, separated by hyphens. It is displayed towards the bottom in the Lobby, Preparation, Debate, and Evaluation screens. For example, in the Lobby:

Meeting Identifier

When you click on the Meeting Identifier, a link is copied to the clipboard. For more information about how to use this link, please see the section Invite your Team.

Size Selector

On some of the screens, you will find a size selector widget. It allows you to scale the content to match your screen real estate. If you have a large area available on your display, you can select the large configuration to utilize the space. Otherwise, you can choose medium or small to fit the page to your browser.

Size Selector Small Size Selector Medium Size Selector large

There are some common navigation buttons across the screens.

Navigation Buttons

Going from left to right, the icon with a question mark takes you to this documentation. It is context-sensitive and will display help relevant to the page it is displayed on.

If you want to leave the current debate, click on the red exit icon. It will take you to the landing page of

The arrow icon on the rightmost side is displayed only to Organizers or Adjudicators. Whenever you see it, it allows you to go to the next stage of the debate. For more information about stages, please see the section about the Debate Workflow.