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The Debate Process

Table of contents

  1. The Debate Workflow
  2. The Organiser of the Debate
  3. The Role of Adjudicators

The Debate Workflow

Our website models the Debate process as a sequence of stages:

Lobby >> Preparation >> Debate >> Evaluation 

These stages follow each other and guide participants through the process. Our website automatically creates the necessary rooms, sets up video streams, assigns participants to rooms, etc., at every step. Participants and reviewers should only focus on the discussion; our website does its best to organize everything else.

The Organiser of the Debate

The person who creates the Debate will become the Organizer. This person may invite others to the debate and assign roles (including themselves). Also, the Organizer will start the debate workflow when everyone is ready.

When the session enters the preparatory stage, the Organizer becomes a participant in the Debate in one of the roles. From then on, Adjudicators will manage the Debate workflow.

The Role of Adjudicators

Any person in the Adjudicator role can perform the following actions during the debate:

  1. In the Preparation stage
    • Entering and leaving the team’s preparation room
    • Starting or pausing the preparation timer
    • Starting the Debate stage
  2. In the Debate stage
    • Starting or stopping the current speech
    • Starting or pausing the speech timer (when a speech is in progress)
    • Selecting the next speaker
    • Starting the Evaluation stage
  3. In the Evaluation stage
    • Entering the Adjudicator room
    • Joining back to the Evaluation room