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Table of contents

  1. Select the next speaker
  2. Start the next speech
  3. Pause/Unpause/Stop the current speech

In the debate room, Adjudicators manage the speakers. Any adjudicator can perform actions related to speakers.

Select the next speaker

An adjudicator can step to the next or previous speaker using the forward or backward double arrows.

Team Room

The order of speakers is determined by the order of speeches in the British Parliamentary format.

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Opposition Leader
  3. Deputy Prime Minister
  4. Deputy Leader of Opposition
  5. Member of Government
  6. Member of Opposition
  7. Government Whip
  8. Opposition Whip

Start the next speech

The next speaker’s badge displays the “Next” label in the upper-right corner.

Team Room

When an Adjudicator presses the “play” button (a triangle), the team member labeled “Next” can begin their speech.

The badge of this member will appear in the ‘Current Speaker’ area, and the speech timer begins in protected time mode.

Pause/Unpause/Stop the current speech

When a speech is in progress, an Adjudicator can pause, start, or stop the current speech by clicking on the respective button on the control panel.

Start/Pause/Stop Buttons