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Assign the Roles

Table of contents

  1. Rules of Assigning Roles
  2. Incomplete Teams

To assign a role, click on the username in a Badge and choose the role from the pop-up menu.

Role Menu

Rules of Assigning Roles

There are a few rules that you should keep in mind when assigning roles:

  1. You can assign a role only to someone present in the Lobby.
  2. When you assign a role that is already assigned to someone else, the role gets reassigned.
    • The Adjudicator role is an exception - it can be assigned to four different members.
  3. When someone leaves the lobby (for example, disconnecting or closing the browser), they will retain their role assignment when they re-join the debate.
  4. Organizers (who created the debate) should assign a role to themselves too.
  5. The organizer can start the Preparation stage only when:
    • Each member has a role assigned.
    • At least one member has the Adjudicator role assigned.

Incomplete Teams

The above rules imply that a Debate can be started with a partial team: the minimum requirement to start a debate is to have an adjudicator present. The rationale is to let teams practice/debate even when some members cannot join.